About Us


Our Vision

"To bring Bitcoin and other crypto coins to the masses."  cPay Today was 100% designed to solve the issues of ever increasing wait times and ever increasing fees when sending/receiving bitcoin and other crypto coins.  Our exchange was created to simplify the trading process and solve the issue with customer support.  We also created our wallet with customer satisfaction in mind.  By using our own wallet we can do things like instant withdraws with 0 fees and 0 wait times.  Every step we take is towards simplifying crypto coins.

Our Story

I have been involved with crypto coins off and on since I first checked out Bitcoin in 2009-2010.  This time when I came back I seen an opening for a service that I could provide.  The blocks filled up, fees were spiking and wait times were extending into days or more for some people.  After seeing this I realized that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies need a payment system that runs on top of them, with 0 fees and 0 wait times.  This would allow it to be used as a daily currency like fiat - which currently has both 0 fees and 0 wait times.