Bitcoin Exchange and Crypto Coin Exchange

Buy, sell and trade Bitcoin on one of the simplest to use bitcoin exchanges.  No confusing markets, limited coin pairs, or complicated fees.  Select your crypto currency to buy, from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,  Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and more.  Then pick the crypto currency to sell including Dogecoin, Dash, Nem, Monero and more.  Select how many to trade, buy or sell and instantly create your order on a simple to use exchange.

No Coin Pairs

A unique feature of our exchange is we have no coin pairs.  You can buy and sell any crypto currency for any other crypto currency.  By removing set markets we open up crypto coins full trading capacity.  Instead of being limited to the bitcoin to ethereum market or the bitcoin to litecoin market you can simply select buy bitcoin and sell ethereum or buy bitcoin and sell litecoin.  Bitcoin exchange, simplified.

Buy and Sell Orders

By removing coin pairs we were able to simplify the buy and sell process.  Say you want to trade bitcoin for ethereum, you select buy bitcoin, and for select a coin to sell ethereum.  Then you select how much to buy and sell based on total usd, btc, or eth.  The instabuy bar will fill based on what percentage of your order will be instantly filled with your current buy price bitcoin and sell price ethereum.

Low Trade Fees

The only fee we have is a .2% taker fee.  No maker fees!  Place any order and you will only be charged a .2% if you are completing another crypto currency sell order.  If you create a litecoin buy or litecoin sell or other buy or sell order you will pay 0% fees as a market maker!  We are also releasing our own token, which we will accept for fee payment at a constant 1.5x market rate saving you more on fees.

User Friendly Bitcoin Exchange

Our goal is to provide the simplest to use crypto exchange, across all platforms and devices.  Our main advantage is the ease at which people learn to use our exchange.  We are currently in beta testing, and can try our exchange out on the Trial Exchange.  We will be launching as soon as testing is complete.

By thinking of the customer first we have came up with many innovative ideas.  We highlight prices based on what you have paid for coins, so you instantly know if you are losing or making money on that trade.  By introducing the instabuy bar we have made it easier to see how much of your order will be filled at time of placement.

Our trial exchange is another example of how we put the customer first.  On other bitcoin exchanges you need to deposit before you can try their platform, risking your money on an unknown system.  With our trial exchange you can test it out and make sure you are comfortable before spending a single penny.

bitcoin exchange simulator practice trading bitcoin with real prices and fake money

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We are currently in demo, with the trial exchange and read only wallets up and running.  New features and updates are being made daily.

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We are currently in demo, with the trial exchange and read only wallets up and running.  New features and updates are being made daily.