Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Coin Mining Service

Don't want to miss the next Bitcoin?  Then this mining service is for you.  Simple pricing, we choose which crypto coin to mine, and you receive your share of the mined crypto currency in your wallet.   We read the white papers, study the coins, and check the profitability so you don't have to.  Based on that information we decide which crypto currency to mine with our cloud based mining service.  From Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) to any crypto coin that has the potential to be the next Bitcoin.

Bitcoin miners mining s9 crypto currency

Mining as a service

Setting up crypto miners is hard, the equipment is expensive and it uses a lot of power.  Then you have to pick which coin to mine and are limited on how many you can mine by your capital investment.  Which coin to mine?  Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin are a few of your choices.  This is where we come in.

We offer a mining service for a flat monthly fee.

Hows does it work?

We run a subscribtion based mining pool that is based in the cloud.  We can start and stop miners in seconds, making sure we are mining the crypto currencies that we believe will have the greatest return, balanced between crypto coin mining profitability and long term potential.

For a flat monthly fee we take care of all the hard stuff, from setting up crypto coin mining equipment to calculating which coins to mine.  Your share of coins is based off the following formula.  ((Monthly fee/total subscribers fees) * .9).  We charge a 10% fee for setting up and managing the miners (like we said, its hard).

Bitcoin miner gpu mining crypto currency

How do I get Paid?

Payouts are handled as blocks are mined.  When we have a multi confirmed mined block, your percentage of the mined crypto currency will be sent instantly to your INSTAPAY crypto account, where you can use them for payments, on the exchange, or send them elsewhere.

Key benefits

One of the key benefits of using our service is mining multiple crypto coins with 0 capital investment and 0 time spent setting up mining services.  For a flat monthly fee you can easily diversify your crypto holdings, making sure you don't miss the next bitcoin.


Setting up servers, researching crypto coins and gpus, managing heat resources.  The list goes on and it only gets harder.  We offer a simple service where we do all the hard work.   We setup the crypto coin mining server, pick the coins to mine, and you collect the coins.