Bitcoin Payment and crypto currency Platform

Send Bitcoin and other crypto currencies with 0 wait time and 0 fees.  We solve four of the biggest issues facing crypto currencies, wait times, fees, volatility and transactions per second.  We do this by using off chain transactions, avoiding the costly fee of writing every bitcoin transaction to the blockchain.  Once you deposit or buy your bitcoin or other crypto currency you can instantly send it to any email address or INSTAPAY address with 0 fees.  By staying off the blockchain we are not limited to the number of transactions supported by that crypto currency and can scale to any number of transactions per second.  And to solve the volatility of bitcoin and other crypto currency we are offering an instant convert where your bitcoin or other crypto currency is converted instantly into the expected fiat value, allowing you to safely use crypto currencies as a payment method.

0 Fees, 0 Wait

0 fees for sending bitcoin and other crypto coins.  0 wait times for receiving bitcoin as well.  We accomplish this using the same technology as exchanges, off chain technology.  This way we can save the high fees and eliminate the confirmation times involved with using the blockchain, and only pay the fees when you withdraw and/or deposit.


Making crypto easier is the goal of our entire company.  That is where INSTAPAY address's come into play.  Setup a simple phrase, or premium one word address and customers can send crypto coins instantly to you.  From "Roses are red" to "cPay", or use a friends email address.  Send any crypto coin to any INSTAPAY address or email address.

Merchant Support

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will remain volatile for a time to come.  So to make it usable as a currency we are offering instant conversion to fiat for merchants.  At time of purchase the received crypto coin can be converted into the merchants choice of currency.  We accomplish this by checking buy orders before quoting the needed crypto to the customer.

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INSTAPAY Address's

Easier to spell and give out then an email address.  Accept Bitcoin and other crypto coins with any simple phrase or word combination you can think of.  Pick your unique, easy to remember phrase and instantly be able to accept multiple crypto currencies with 0 hassle.  INSTAPAY, the simplest online payment system, where manage the details so you don't have to.  Supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin with many more crypto coins to come.

Secure and safe crypto sending

Send Bitcoin and other crypto currencies to anyone, safely and securely.  By utilizing off chain technology we can provide a customer friendly platform for sending and receiving crypto currency.  No longer will wrong address's be an issue with INSTAPAY!  Cancel any unclaimed transaction instantly.  Securely send a payment with a password.  Use this feature when getting items held on local buy/sell sites or when you want to make sure that only the intended person can pick up the sent Bitcoins, or other crypto coin.

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We are currently in demo, with the trial exchange and read only wallets up and running.  New features and updates are being made daily.

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We are currently in demo, with the trial exchange and read only wallets up and running.  New features and updates are being made daily.